Active Camp & Class Manager

The Camp and Class Manager product covers all aspects of activity management from online registration, mass email, payment tracking/processing, reporting, and much more. For two years I worked as the visual designer on this product as part of an over all UX design team that also included user research and interaction design. In that time I helped to redesign 95% of the system. Both improving the usability of pre-existing features and adding new features. I created designs that were eye-catching and followed company style, while at the same time being user friendly.

Below is just a sample of the many visuals I created while working on this product.


Visual Design, Icon Design, Graphic Design

Home Page
Financial Dashboard
Season Dashboard
Email Editor
Online Account Look and Feel
Assignment Center: A Look at the Design Process
1 | Wires created by UI designer
2 | Full visuals created based on wires and style guide
3 | Redlines and assets created for development

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